Tixr Named 25th Largest Private Global Marketplace Company by Andreessen Horowitz

March 27, 2023

After three years of economic volatility, live events are back in full force, and we’re thrilled to be publicly-recognized for hyper-growth coming out of the pandemic.

Andreessen Horowitz’s annual Marketplace 100 list, powered by analytics company Consumer Edge, stacks the largest private consumer marketplaces based on annual GMV (annual gross merchandise volume). The list tracks consumer spending from real credit card transactions, it’s an extremely accurate gauge for size and year-over-year growth. [/tixr_text]

Source: The a16z Marketplace 100 list

The largest true primary platform and the fastest-growing, at-scale, privately-held ticketing company

Breaking into the top 25, up from #37, means we’re no longer a startup and can consider companies like Instacart and StockX our peers. We’re undisputably the fastest-growing of the biggest, at-scale ticketing companies in the world right now, and the largest of the true primary platforms. Even against secondary marketplaces and competitors who also moonlight as promoters, we’re still among the top five largest private ticketing companies in the world.

Source: The a16z Marketplace 100 list

Ticket sales are back with a vengeance

While the ticketing category took a big hit during the pandemic, the industry returned stronger than ever last year. Cumulative GMV from list incumbents ended 2022 three times higher than the same period in 2019. Climbing ticket sales seemed to benefit almost every company that made the list, six of whom saw greater than 50% annual growth and four experiencing greater than 100% growth.  

At the speed our business is growing an innovating, we can’t wait to see where we rank next year. None of it would be possible without our Tixr team of A-players and our partners who inspire us to blaze a new trail beyond the ticket. Onward and upward!