5 Ways You Can Elevate the Fan Experience with Fan Transfers

July 27, 2023

Providing fans with a fast and secure method to transfer their tickets, without relying on your box office or door staff, benefits everyone involved.

Whether you’re organizing a concert, festival, convention, or sporting event, the heart of every live experience is sharing it with others. When life gets in the way, enabling Fan Transfers creates a win-win situation for everybody involved: happier customers, fewer no-shows, shorter box office lines, and fewer tickets changing hands via the secondary market (or weird Craigslist meetups!).

How Fan Transfers Work on Tixr

The entire process is safe, simple, and convenient. In short, when you create or edit an event, you can choose which ticket types to make transferable in Tixr Studio. Then, after a fan buys tickets, they can log into their Tixr account, check to see if their purchase is transferable, and send one or more tickets to another email address. If the recipient accepts within seven days, old tickets deactivate and new tickets get issued to their Tixr account. Done and dusted! If the recipient fails to accept, no harm no foul. The tickets stay with the original purchaser, making sure nothing gets lost in ticket limbo.

Why You Should Enable Fan Transfers

The ability to transfer primary tickets peer-to-peer is nothing new. It’s so common that not being able to transfer tickets can be a jarring and frustrating experience for fans. Here are five key reasons why turning on Fan Transfers is a no-brainer for your next event.

1. You’ll make life so much easier for fans

Community and fandom are what live events are all about, so it’s no surprise that fans often buy tickets in groups to attend together. But sometimes, life throws a curveball, leading to coordination challenges. Everyone’s got that friend who always says they’re on their way but shows up 30 minutes late, or maybe they’re sick and can’t go anymore. These situations are all too common. Rather than make your purchasers wait outside and miss out on the action or let tickets go to waste, Fan Transfers alleviate the hassle of having to problem-solve offline. When your fans can make new arrangements smoothly and seamlessly, you’re giving them another reason to sing your praises and come back.

2. You’ll decrease no-shows and chargebacks

Think about the last time a purchaser requested a refund due to a family emergency or getting disastrously sick the night before. It’s probably too late for them to resell the ticket, so what can they do? Chances are, they’ll eat the cost, or worse, file a chargeback. Fan Transfers put the power in the purchaser’s hands to share the wealth and give the ticket to a loved one who can enjoy the experience on their behalf, sparing you (and the Tixr Fan Support team) from a tedious back-and-forth.

3. You’ll prevent tears at the door

Seeing your first doctored screenshot or printed copy of a previously-scanned ticket is practically a rite of passage for any new live event professional. There’s nothing worse than having to deny entry to a fan who bought a fake ticket from someone they didn’t know. With Fan Transfers, every item transferred from one Tixr account into another gets a freshly issued code. By educating your community that their Tixr purchases are transferable, and to only trust tickets purchased or received via Tixr, Fan Transfer recipients can rest easy knowing their ticket’s legitimate before forking over any money.

4. You’ll simply set it and forget it

The whole process is entirely configurable by you and automated by Tixr, making Fan Transfers the pinnacle of ease. If you’re someone who likes to keep business operations lean, choose to enable Fan Transfers on your Group, trickling down as the default for every subsequent event and ticket type you build. Or, you can take a more surgical approach and make single events or specific ticket types transferable. After that, it’s smooth sailing, and if you change your mind for any reason, simply disable Fan Transfers at any level.

5. You’ll gain new insights into fan behavior

Giving you access to all the nitty-gritty details is one of our specialities, so it’s no surprise that we’ve made Fan Transfers data readily available inside a comprehensive report. See when someone accepts a transfer to when a transferred ticket checks in.

If you’re a current Tixr partner, start making tickets transferable now and get the word out to your fans! They’ll thank you for it.

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