Take the Keys. You're in the Driver's Seat.

Harness a sophisticated suite of event management, yield optimization, and robust analytics tools built for large-scale event producers with an eye towards the future

Visionary Leaps,
Rapid Development

Unencumbered by technical debt, we've built the things your old ticketing company always promised you and (still) hasn't delivered

Centralized Backend

Simplify your tech stack with one system that does it all. No bolt-ons to frustrate your staff, muddy your data, or fragment the fan experience.

Real-time Access

Run your business from anywhere. Manage events, check sales, and make changes on-the-fly with full feature parity on desktop and mobile.

Total Control

Access the whole system. Build your events. Grant a-la-carte permissions. Own all of your purchaser data.  Anything we can see or do, so can you.

Deeper Insights, At Your Fingertips

Get the analytics and reports you need plus data you can trust to take action and propel your business forward

Zero-Lag Reporting

Monitor transactions in real-time and track what inventory is available, sold, in escrow, or flipped to Waitlist.

Access up-to-the-minute reports on sales, attendance, and finances, and automatically email ticket counts on a set schedule.

Robust Fan Data

Collect 90+ data points on each fan and get to know your top spenders and most loyal customers.

Own and leverage your first-party data to nurture your relationships for growth.

Marketing Intelligence

Analyze sales, revenue, and demographics from a variety of charts and graphs.

Filter by events, categories, and date ranges to study purchase trends. Correlate sales spikes with your campaigns. Optimize ad spend with cluster and penetration maps.

Advanced Tools for Growth, Built Our Way

Tap into transformative features and functionality, purpose-built to boost efficiencies and drive ticket sales

Reserved Seating

Build and scale your own seating, camping, and parking manifests and customize your maps with your brand aesthetic. Show buyers their view. Sell and renew season tickets and create reservations from past orders.

Tiered Pricing

Create rules-based price tiers to optimize pricing. Trigger price changes by date, inventory, or velocity of sales. Drive urgency with a coordinated marketing strategy, and oversell with Waitlist to gauge true demand.

Price Levels & Pools

Share pooled inventory across multiple items—or offer a single item at various price points. Set individual item caps within pools or combine pools with tiered pricing to execute more sophisticated pricing strategies.

Conversion Tracking

Maximize your marketing efforts with an expansive set of supported tracking pixels like Google Ads, Meta, and TikTok. Capture conversions and deliver granular user actions throughout the purchase funnel in real-time.

Promoter System

Create individual logins, landing pages, and custom links for your affiliates and sub-promoters. Allow them to keep track of their own sales through our self-service referral tracking system.

APIs & Integrations

Pull real-time data via secure APIs, architected by seasoned integration engineers. Get notifications via webhooks or email. Unify your customer data sources with the industry's first Segment integration.

Multi-Brand Management

Multi-Brand Management

Multi-Brand Management

Manage multiple business segments within a single interface and set up unique access permissions for brands.

Promoter System

Promoter System

Promoter System

Empower professional affiliates to push your products with an innovative tracking system and dashboard.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing

Sell as many tickets as possible by combining inventories of multiple tickets in one pool.

Shared Inventory

Shared Inventory

Shared Inventory

Sell as many tickets as possible by combining inventories of multiple tickets in one pool.

As sales took off, reporting was so smooth and the data so easy to navigate.

Mark Rowan

CFO, The Caverns

Studio allows us to have multiple ticket types assigned to one piece of inventory, rather than having to manually go into the system and move them around. When that one very specific piece of inventory goes, the system immediately goes to a package that’s close, and then sells it. It’s a huge deal.

Jonathan Fordin

Partner, Playa Luna Presents

Being able to own the transactional data between the fan and the artist is an extremely important thing to us.

Danny Robson

Manager, Team Leisurely | RÜFÜS DU SOL