A Weekend at Imagine Festival

September 20, 2018

Imagine an aquatic fairytale, the same fairytale you dreamt of as a kid, turned into a reality. That, my friends, is Imagine Music Festival.

This festival will transport you to a surreal, outer body feeling state, in which you will get to experience today’s top electronic dance musicians, stellar cirque du soleil style performers, mermaids and sea creatures, and incredible food vendors. In other words, there’s no room for boredom at this three day event. This year marks Imagine Music Festival’s hottest lineup yet, featuring EDM artists such as Alesso, Kaskade, and Galantis. It was recently voted Top 30 festivals in the world by Fest 300 and Top Ten Emerging Music Festivals by USA today. You better get your tickets while they last, because this year is anticipated to be more popular than ever before.

With all that being said, let’s start with the nitty gritty- ticket choosing. Don’t underestimate the perks of the 3 Day VIP ticket. Don’t get me wrong, the 3 Day GA ticket offers a lot. You get three nights of incredible music and will have the time of your life.

Perks of VIP? You can cut lines at the gate, have access to exclusive restroom trailers, experience the VIP camping lounge, the VIP cabanas at the Splash Pool, and exclusive concierge service, not to mention the countless cooling lounges at your disposal. VIP ticket holders will also look forward to the exclusive VIP Island by Oceania, which is essentially an island party separate from the main stage performances.

It is expected you will walk many miles per day, which will surely leave you exhausted. Luckily, Imagine Festival has the cure- Exhale Yoga. This health club provides both spa therapies, such as massages and facials, and fitness activities, such as pilates and yoga, in order to make you feel ready for each day of nonstop walking and music.

What do you do if you’re dripping sweat from a hot day in the Atlanta heat? If you haven’t already heard, the popular giant splash pool is back. The splash pool will offer complimentary floaties for chilling by the pool, and countless art displays for your entertainment. For those of you with VIP tickets, be sure to rent a poolside cabana, where you can order food and stay out of the intense Atlanta heat.

What’s more? There will also be Cirque du Soleil style acts performed by world-class acrobats including Sky Cycle, German Wheel, and Lollipop Lira. The added music and aquatic characters will surely enhance your festival experience, and will transport you to a surreal Aquatic Fairytale world. If you’re eager to prolong your nights, don’t worry because the party doesn’t have to end. Dance the night away at The Silent Disco! Not only is the stage massive, but it is one of the largest in the country.

Lastly, for all you art lovers, be sure to check out the many art installations which will be showcased throughout the festival grounds. Brand new art exhibits are expected to unveil this year, as well as the artists, themselves, who will physically be there to showcase their incredible works of art.

Overall, whether you decide to hit the stages during the day, stuff your face with the many food options, take a mid day yoga class, or end the night off with silent disco, you will always be entertained at Imagine Music Festival. Go experience it for yourself, and you’ll surely agree!