Brooklyn's Underground Party Scene

October 10, 2018

In 2016, TekSupport spurred its growth as the exclusive, go-to warehouse party in New York City.

Though New York City’s city life is ever changing and revamping, one thing is for certain; New Yorkers love to go out and love the best of all things nightlife. Though New York City is known for its elaborate clubs and elite venues, TekSupport provides parties like nothing else you have ever experienced before.

What makes TekSupport parties so amazing? They are sporadically planned so that not everyone will find about each event which comes its way. It is essentially the creme de la creme of New York nightlife. Not only that, but these parties are specifically located in secluded, desolate warehouses, held underground. It is an unconventional experience, at the very least.. You feel as though you are in an alternate universe, as you can physically feel the beat of each song amidst the metallic walls which envelope you.

What’s been successful for TekSupport in the past? Founder Rob Toma once managed to revamp a former submarine factory into an incredible concert venue, holding about 3500 people amidst the stellar sound systems in the Brooklyn area. He even shipped Ricardo Villalobos, famous Chilean-German music producer, to America, where he performed for the first time in almost a decade. Rob Toma explains what exactly sets it apart from other warehouse parties:

Teksupport's philosophy and values can be boiled down into a few key elements: Hosting the industry's leading artists in raw spaces while featuring top-tier production.

TekSupport’s popularity has grown immensely since 2016, and as the top platform of Brooklyn’s underground party scene, this upcoming Halloween is already spurring commotion among New Yorkers. Be ready for topnotch artists this year, including The Martinez Brothers, Peggy Gou, Virgil Abloh, and Blond:ish. With the location still unknown tickets are already selling out! Get your tickets fast in order to be able to attend New York’s warehouse party of the year, as the pressure on TekSupport is broiling to make this Halloween weekend a time to remember.