DreamHack is the Ultimate Esports Event Celebrating Digital Lifestyles

February 28, 2020

With a history spanning more than 25 years, DreamHack has grown to be more than a platform or festival, it is the world’s largest digital lifestyle community.

Connectivity is the foundation of all things digital, so it only seems right that all sectors relating to an online lifestyle commune together, face-to-face, headset-to-headset. DreamHack is an entirely unique experience in that it fosters in-person community for like-minded gaming enthusiasts. Ever since throwing a LAN party in 1994, DreamHack has expanded around the globe, producing premier events celebrating esports tournaments, gaming, cosplay, and internet culture.

DreamHack recently held a three-day event in Anaheim, CA, a new city on their global list of festival locations. It was an exceptionally well-organized and elaborate production, with a great offering of live music, cosplay, esports tournaments, gaming stations including VR/AR, “BYOC” (bring your own computer) section, streaming station, awards show, and much more. The team also partnered with notable firms like Microsoft, and popular figures like Deadmau5 to create interactive experiences for fans. As esports is a rapidly growing billion-dollar industry, many attendees have become social media stars with hundreds of thousands of followers, such as @Taco, @fallen, and @fergod.

In addition to hosting the ticketing for the large-scale event, we at Tixr were excited to amplify the event by bringing prospective and current clients along for VIP exposure to the best of the gaming industry. We invited executives from all sectors of the entertainment and live events industries - including music, venue owners and operators, promoters, and management companies - for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour led by Vice President of DreamHack North America, Bas Bruinekool. Utilizing our partnership with DreamHack allowed us to expose our current clients and prospective clients to the hottest new category in entertainment, and enabled them to meet with the industry leaders shaping online gaming.

Every DreamHack festival is produced with the goal to create the most engaging and interactive event possible. It’s a community built by an amazing team who are passionate about the fan experience, because they are fans themselves. The next event is coming to the Lone Star state in May. Get your tickets to DreamHack Dallas 2020 here!