Elevating Wizard World to the Ultimate Fandom Dream

October 16, 2019

Wizard World is more than a comic convention: it’s the ultimate fanscape that creates a suspended reality, fusing the worlds of fact and fiction to deliver an experience that’s unlike any other.

With numerous shows hosted across the US throughout the year, Wizard World is the largest touring convention in the country, bringing together tens of thousands of fans to celebrate the best in pop culture—from comic books and movies to graphic novels, gaming, and so much more.

Every Wizard World event presents fans with countless avenues of experience, whether it’s panels featuring franchise stars and creators, costume contests, and exclusive premieres. It’s a world unto itself, and Tixr works to bring that to the next level.

"We always work to enable the best experience for fans and event creators, and when it comes to Wizard World, we implement a variety of features and capabilities in order to boost the power of fandom."

But in this case, there’s one specific feature that truly taps into the best of fandom. Yes, we’re talking about Tixr Rewards. Linked across every Wizard World event, Tixr Rewards allows the dedicated fan bases that attend these events to dive deeper into the fandom experience by sharing, exploring, and engaging with the ticketing process. It’s an added layer that delivers what fans love the most: the ability to fully explore the world that they know and love.

In addition to providing fans with opportunities that pique excitement and encourage loyalty, Tixr Rewards is a leading tool for marketing and social reach, as well as building event evangelists.

Here’s an example—let’s say that Wizard World offers a compelling reward such as a VIP experience with a celebrity. An exclusive and entrancing opportunity like that has the ability to garner massive organic social reach. Fans want the opportunity to win, and through the sheer power of fandom, they’ll use their community of fellow fans to get there.

Through simple shares, likes, email marketing, and so forth, a reward can drive sales, engagement, and reach while introducing an element of viral marketing by simply offering up something that’s existent within the event capabilities.

What’s even better, however, is what it can give fans: the ultimate experience. Learn more about Wizard World and snag your tickets to the next event, here.