Eye Heart SF’s Anthony Black on Creating a New Year's Eve Institution

April 5, 2023

What began as a labor of love became a San Francisco staple that gets bigger and better with each passing year.

To create a memorable New Year’s Eve experience that keeps fans coming back every year, Eye Heart SF zigs when others zag. The beloved San Francisco event producers throw an annual late-night bash with big beats, big acts, and everything in between that’s always guaranteed to be epic. With past performances from Galantis, Dillon Francis, Miguel, T-Pain, Chromeo, Steve Aoki, Too Short, and more, Eye Heart SF rang in 2023 with Alesso on the decks for the midnight countdown.

“A few partners and I created this event thirteen years ago when there weren’t any events of this scale in San Francisco,” recalls Anthony Black, Partner and Executive Producer. “Most New Year’s events were in hotel ballrooms or clubs. Parties as opposed to an experience. We envisioned one that the city had never seen before.”

Black joined us for a walk down memory lane, exploring the nitty-gritty of the New Year’s Eve celebration’s genesis and how Tixr’s personal touch enhances the ticketing process and helps generate new sales.

What did your NYE party look like in the early days? How have you managed to keep the experience fresh?

“In the beginning, we booked local talent and designed cool stage decor pieces, but it’s nothing compared to what we do now.
Over the years, we’ve made it a priority to build out the events and switch things up when we see an opening. We adjust talent for variety and incorporate interactive stage pieces which generate a more people-focused affair. We’re also confident in our ability to set trends.
We’ve catapulted into a space where our passion for unique events has made Eye Heart’s NYE party a top destination that hosts world-renowned talent that you won’t get anywhere else.”

After 13 years, what’s left for you to learn?

“It’s funny because we’ve been producing this event at the same venue for 13 years, so we like to think that every year it’s going to get a little bit easier, but challenges are unavoidable.
Last year actually ended up being the most challenging production ever due to weather conditions. The rain and wind caused some major issues that we resolved quickly. However, our biggest takeaway was to detail a contingency plan in case of rain.
We do our best to turn problems into learning opportunities as opposed to last-minute solving. Other than that, we found great ways to enhance the overall production package and excite fans, despite setbacks.

A more recent change you made was your ticketing provider. What was the impetus to switch?

“After the pandemic, a lot of ticketing companies adjusted their focus, which gave us an opportunity to work with Tixr. Switching gave us new functionality to invigorate the ticketing experience and add value for our purchasers. Everything about working with Tixr has been great, from the seamless backend to detailed analytics that break down how and where tickets are sold.
I like to consider myself savvy when it comes to ticketing. I’ve seen almost every platform and worked with it in some way, shape, or form. If someone were to ask me about another ticketing partner, I’d have a list of reasons I didn’t like it, and would say, ‘You should probably look at Tixr instead.’”

You mentioned how you keep evolving the event experience. How have you managed to push the ticketing experience forward for fans with Tixr?

“We now offer payment plans, structuring them in an exciting way for fans. Tixr Rewards also gives us the tools to motivate our ticket purchasers and early event fans to be promoters themselves. Almost 15% of our sales came from Rewards which was amazing to see! We’ve had ways of tracking this information in the past, but the fact that Tixr captures it all in the system is unconventional. It’s a seamless integration, and it’s incredible to see our audience directly impact sales.”

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