Halloween Innovations Keep Fans Flocking

October 29, 2020

Spooky season is here and with it comes crowds of costumed thrill-seekers exploring haunted houses, corn mazes, and other themed attractions.

With social-distancing in effect, the organizers of these once up-close-and-personal haunts have found creative solutions in order to keep their seasonal attractions up and running.

From drive-thru experiences to reserved, private viewing areas, our partners have found ways to give Halloween fans reason to rejoice while prioritizing the safety of both the audience and cast members. Across the country, the spirit of Halloween remains alive and well as tickets continue to sell out at numerous socially-distant attractions. The use of streamlined mobile purchasing at the box office as well as grid-based ticketing systems make it easy not only to purchase tickets, but to also keep track of the attendees if contact tracing becomes necessary.  Events like 13th Floor Entertainment’s Fear Farm in Arizona are using Tixr to sell tickets for entry at a specific time slot, therefore allowing organizers to maintain control over the flow of attendees and guarantee that there won’t be an influx of guests at peak times.

At Tixr, we have added additional team members and brand new functionalities to address the needs of our clients during these unprecedented times. We have looked at each aspect of these experiences, and by cutting down on interactions between guests and staff through features like contactless scanning and mobile box office purchasing, Tixr has made it possible to attend in-person events with peace of mind.

Drive-thru experiences have been a hit this Halloween season as well. In Los Angeles, Nights of the Jack transitioned to a drive-thru experience and sold out for the entirety of its season— in order to meet the demands of its fans, the event producers have created a 360° VR Tour experience that can be enjoyed from home. Events like Home Bass use pods to give groups of music fans their own personal dance floors at a socially distant two-day festival in Orlando, Florida.

Tixr’s Waitlist feature allows organizers and venues to mitigate the risks associated with the uncertainties of in-person events by pre-authorizing credit cards and only processing transactions once it is certain that the event will take place, therefore eliminating the time-consuming and resource-heavy process of refunding ticket holders for canceled events.

With all of the real-time adjustments being made on the ground and online, in-person experiences have continued to thrive during these unpredictable times. Check out what’s happening near you on our website.