How Hive and Tixr's Integration Boosted DSP Shows' Marketing Efficiency

January 10, 2024

Discover how independent concert promoter DSP Shows saves time building segmented newsletters via our seamless ticketing integration with Hive — an email marketing platform purpose built for live events.

Dynamic independent concert promoter DSP Shows organizes and markets up to 400 diverse shows annually across the northeast. Focused primarily in the New York and Massachusetts markets, Marketing Director Jenna Korus’ builds three separate email newsletters a week, targeting specific audience segments. 

Where previous ticketing platforms with email marketing integrations failed Korus, rife with challenges, here she discusses how Hive’s integration with Tixr has made a significant positive impact on her marketing a high volume of shows. .

Before you started working with Hive and Tixr, what integration challenges did you experience with your email service provider and ticketing platform?

“Events took forever to load, the templates weren’t as user-friendly, and I wasn’t able to make our templates as aesthetically pleasing.”

How does Hive’s integration with Tixr make your day-to-day easier?

“The ticketing integration was the biggest part for me. I’m doing three newsletters a week, each with different audiences. Now, I’m probably saving, on average, four hours per month.
The ability to pull events from Tixr and not have to check every date and every ticket link because it's pulling from those event builds is huge for me. I'm not having to pull customer lists whenever I want to send a targeted email. I'm able to execute exactly what I want with the template design.”

Are there any data points you get from the integration that you find to be most helpful?

“Seeing our data from the campaigns we send and the revenue for our shows from Tixr right on our Hive dashboard is useful. Recently, we generated 40% of ticket sales from a single newsletter send.”

What would you say to a Tixr partner who’s on the fence about switching to Hive?

“I would definitely recommend it for marketers just due to the ticketing integration and how easy it is to create templates for campaigns. It's a plus to have client support available, but for the most part, we don't even need it because it's so user-friendly.”

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