How Lightning in a Bottle Lit Up Sales by Giving Back to Fans

February 22, 2023

Over the last 20 years, what began as a birthday party among friends evolved into one of the most celebrated, world-class music, arts, and culture events the world over.

Lightning in a Bottle, the Do LaB’s five-day extravaganza at California’s Buena Vista Lake, now sits proudly between the mainstream and underground as the biggest of the littles and the littlest of the big festivals.

Rising from the ashes after two years of postponements

When COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill, the 2020 event couldn't go on. 2021 brought a second painful postponement. After a two-year hiatus, the Do LaB looked to our innovative yield management and optimization tools to invigorate sales and make its triumphant return in 2022 bigger and better than ever.In addition to leveraging fully-integrated payment plans, waitlist, add-ons, among other Tixr advanced features, the Do LaB activated Tixr Rewards to incentivize fans to help sell tickets while giving back to its dedicated community. By referring friends and family to purchase full-price GA and VIP tickets with their personal link, ticket buyers earned cash back and other high-value perks. The best part?

Driving peer-to-peer sales with Tixr Rewards

The Do LaB launched its 2022 campaign with five simple prize tiers from 10% cash back for two sales to 100% cash back plus a VIP upgrade for 15 sales — a pretty sweet and generous deal. Referring beyond 15 earned a whole lot of bragging rights, and the public leaderboard intensified the competition.

After two years of postponements, Dede Flemming, President of the Do LaB, appreciated being able to give back to the Lightning in a Bottle’s “highly-motivated attendees” with Tixr Rewards. For him, it was all about giving them “a chance to spread the word and help generate sales while racking up discounts and perks that make their festival more enjoyable and affordable.”

Direct referrals tracked from fans’ personal Tixr Rewards links were astounding, totaling 6% of overall sales. Much to the Do LaB’s surprise, the top 20 fan influencers referred 2% of all net sales revenue themselves — 13 of whom sold well beyond the 15-ticket maximum reward threshold. Return on spend was equally impressive! For every dollar spent on rewards payouts, the festival made nearly $40 back.

Looking towards the future

California’s premier camping music festival returns in 2023 to celebrate 20 years of adventure, connection, wonder, and fun Memorial Day weekend. This year’s Tixr Rewards incentives might even be juicier than they were in 2022! Fans who drive 15+ sales get 100% back on their ticket plus a second general admission ticket for a friend. We love to see our forward-thinking partners like the Do LaB find authentic ways to engage their communities, and Tixr Rewards is a seamless, automated tool in the belt to make it happen.

Let’s supercharge ticket sales together. Schedule a demo of our advanced ticketing innovations like Tixr Rewards that are changing how tickets get sold.