Introducing Tixr Play

June 8, 2020

In this physically distant environment, talent and event creators need to reach their fans digitally.

As soon as the in-person event industry was put on pause, Tixr focused on creating an exclusive, state-of-the-art platform that would allow event creators to produce unique, high-quality virtual events while also providing a terrific experience for fans. The result, we are very excited to announce, is Tixr Play: a pay-per-view live video streaming and video on demand platform accessible via Tixr.

Tixr Play provides creators with the unprecedented ability to customize their virtual events, from end-to-end. With exciting new features such as chat functionality and live polling, to VIP experiences, and one-to-one streams, Tixr Play is elevating the possibilities of virtual events to all new standards.

One of the first artists to stream a show using Tixr Play was the globally renowned artist Gareth Emery. The event was planned, programmed, marketed, and sold out to thousands of fans within just days of the livestream.

On using the new platform, his manager said:

"The freedom to design every aspect of the show - from programming to production to scaling - gave us an incredible amount of control over the event. The platform's ease of functionality gave us the ability to pivot and adapt swiftly based on real-time fan feedback."

After a successful sold-out show and an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from fans, Emery announced his second show on the platform, which went on to sell thousands of tickets and also offered free access to healthcare workers worldwide.

With real-time access to data on fan activity, artists can now modify their events instantaneously, therefore making rapid improvements that would be otherwise impossible with in-person events. The insight on fan activity is also incredibly helpful for artists, who are finding that Tixr Play allows them to bypass the hurdles of elaborate touring and venue contracts.

“Producing virtual concerts gives artists an incredible amount of control over their events, and ultimately means that the end result is only as good as the artist and team make it,” Emery’s manager added. “Without the confines of traditional touring, our market has expanded from regional to global, enabling us to connect with fans in markets that otherwise would not have been possible. These experiences open up a direct conversation between artists and fans, and allow our team to keep a pulse on what should come next.”

While Tixr Play is a platform targeted for event creators, the fan-facing side offers a much improved, one-of-kind experience as well. A new “My Media” section in the ticket category holds links to live streams and the pre-recorded videos, which can have viewing limits pre-set by the event creator. Tixr allows creators to conveniently bundle merchandising into the livestream experience, which naturally incentivizes fans to purchase more merchandise when they are simultaneously enjoying an experience with artists they love. Fans have praised the quality of the video streams, the easy ticket-buying experience, and the ability to attend shows without the usual obstacles in place.

With so many unknowns about the future ahead, Tixr Play is a fantastic resource for creators and talent to continue producing unique events and connecting directly with their fans.

Learn more about Tixr Play here.

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