JBTV and TIXR Revolutionize the Livestream Music Festival Experience

February 11, 2021

This weekend, TIXR is partnering with America’s most trusted source for new music, JBTV, to bring an upgraded festival experience directly to fans.

This weekend, Tixr is partnering with America’s longest running source for new music, JBTV, to bring an upgraded festival experience directly to fans. JBTV’s dedication to introducing the world to new music over the past 34 years has given them an archive vault of live performances that will debut as part of JBTV’s Revolution Television Virtual Festival, a 3-day experience that puts music fans in the director’s chair and allows them to curate their own festival experience. As a leader in the livestream revolution, the sophisticated technology that Tixr has introduced to the virtual event industry over the past year will power this first-of-its-kind festival; from marketing to merch, we have worked around the clock to make events like Revolution Television Virtual Festival next level.

The two-time Billboard Music Award-winning JBTV music showcases have introduced artists like Charli XCX, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Imagine Dragons to mainstream media. Over the course of several decades, JBTV founder Jerry Bryant has collaborated with hundreds of musical artists to create an unparalleled archive of unforgettable performances that will be on display all weekend long.

Tixr livestream and video product,  Tixr Play will allow fans to stream three days of linear video content on web, and Tixr Apple TV and Roku Apps, with full access to a video-on-demand catalog of performances after the event has ended. In addition to being able to watch their favorite sets on repeat, the debut of our new MultiView Media technology will allow viewers to personalize their viewing experience by changing camera angles or honing in on certain band members during each performance. While the live music scene remains on pause, MultiView Media will bring back the interactive and hands-on experience of concerts and festivals that fans have been missing.

Tixr is thrilled to continue leading the event industry and advancing at-home viewing experiences by making them more comfortable and accessible to music fans everywhere. Joe Shanahan, the founder of Metro Chicago, spoke with Fox32 to preview this weekend's event, shedding light on the way JBTV plans to use the Revolution Television Virtual Festival to support struggling music venues. A percentage of every ticket sold will go to the Chicago Independent Venue League and National Independent Venue Association: NIVA.

For more information on the JBTV Virtual Festival, check out the event page and purchase tickets on our website.