LIV Golf Adelaide Goes Long with Tixr Rewards

December 21, 2022

LIV Golf is professional golf as you’ve never seen it.

With a defined season, smaller fields, fewer rounds, shorter playing windows, shotgun starts, and no cuts, LIV Golf found a way to rejuvenate the entire sport with a fresh, modern format and bring new audiences to the game for its inaugural series.No cuts meant that fans always got to see their favorite golfers compete, like Dustin Johnson and the 4 Aces who took home the big purse over three-days of knock-out competition at the 2022 Team Championship in Miami. Powering all ticket operations, the Tixr team got to watch the magic happen pre-, during-, and post- events and see just how dedicated LIV Golf fans really are.Just days after the series-ending Team Championship, LIV Golf hyped up fans around the world with news of its first 2023 onsale: LIV Golf Adelaide at The Grange Golf Club, April 21 through 23. To drive initial demand for the Australian weekender, they announced “Early Birdie” pricing and cash back for referral sales via Tixr Rewards… and sales popped off!

By giving back to fans for inviting friends with Tixr Rewards, LIV Golf is turning its community into micro-influencers while building positive brand association.

Tixr Rewards is an engine for modern word of mouth, and it’s changing how sophisticated event producers like LIV Golf approach event marketing. By incentivizing buyers with cash back on their tickets for referring friends and family purchases, the league is growing its own marketing militia among its dynamic fan community. The leaderboard lets fans know where they stand, gamifying the whole experience with some friendly competition… and that competition is heated.

In just 10 days since the announcement, Tixr Rewards drove nearly 8% of sales.

With our guidance, LIV Golf designed rewards packages for Adelaide to turn dedicated fans into the event's best influencers and move the needle in major ways. Direct referrals tracked from Tixr Rewards links totaled nearly 8% of sales in just 10 days. During that same period, the top 5 fan influencers exceeded the 10-ticket maximum reward threshold by 2.9x to 10.5x — and the referrals keep coming!It's a pleasure to see firsthand the way LIV Golf is supercharging the professional golf scene and creating new value for fans and players alike. Innovation is at the helm of the league, and doing things differently is the Modus Operandi here at Tixr. We can’t wait to see what year two has in store.

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