New VP, Partnerships Steve Oberman Talks Music, Artist Management, Ticketing, and His Next Chapter at Tixr

May 31, 2024

Steve Oberman’s career journey, bridging his passions for music and technology, captivates and motivates. From managing bands to leading sales teams, discover how his early love for music, inspired by his father's record collection, set him on the path that led to Tixr.

Meet Steve Oberman, our newest VP, Partnerships who’s as down-to-earth as they come with his great sense of humor and arsenal of dad jokes to boot.

Steve joined Tixr after a distinguished tenure at See Tickets, where he served as EVP and Head of Music following their acquisition of Flavorus in 2016. At Flavorus, he was the driving force behind business development across festivals, concerts, nightlife, and the food and beverage sectors. Before venturing into ticketing, Steve day-to-day managed iconic artists like Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver at Frontline and Azoff Music Management.

Here Steve shares his musical roots, the pivotal live events that shaped his career, and his seamless transition from artist management to ticketing. With his wealth of experience and enthusiasm for music, Steve is set to significantly impact our strategic global expansion in music and accelerate growth across the wide variety of industries we service.

You’ve managed the careers of some of the most iconic rockstars of our time. How did you get your start in the music industry?

My father played a pivotal role in nurturing my love for music with his extensive record collection. As a teenager, I immersed myself in the punk and hardcore scenes, drawn in by the vibrant community. The revelation that people could build careers around live and recorded music was astonishing to me and propelled me to network within the industry, gain experience at various labels, and then use those skills to start managing bands.

How have concerts and live experiences influenced your career path? Is there a specific event that changed your life?

Rather than a single event, the collective experience of attending numerous shows during my formative years deepened my connection to music and ignited my passion for this industry. The rush after a great show is incomparable and that feeling continues to fuel my dedication to live music and events. 

What sparked your move from artist management to ticketing? 

My career pivot to ticketing was a happy accident. I started assisting a friend at his ticketing company, Flavorus, during their major events. When I decided to leave artist management, he offered me a position. That opportunity opened a new chapter in my career, and I’ve been thriving in the ticketing industry ever since.

You’ve become quite the experienced sales leader and mentor over the years. How do you think your strengths complement the Tixr partnerships team?

The Tixr team is already exceptionally skilled and seasoned. I bring extensive experience in music partnerships, which, I believe, will allow me to provide valuable guidance and coaching. With our powers combined, I aim to drive the team towards even greater success and innovation in our industry.

What core values guide you? How do they influence both your professional and personal life?

My core values revolve around approaching every situation with good intent, fostering an abundance mindset, and staying detached from outcomes beyond my control. In my professional life, this looks like cultivating positive relationships and focusing on what I can positively impact. These values are equally important in my personal life.

How do you balance your roles as a senior leader at Tixr and as a father? Do you have any non-negotiables when it comes to family?

Balancing professional and personal life is a constant endeavor. I limit my travel to a few days at a time and make it a point to be fully present with my family when at home. Quality time with my family is non-negotiable, and I strive to be there for important moments, big and small. 

Looking back on your career, what’s your most memorable live event experience?

Many live events stand out, but those where I've done things my 16-year-old self would have found unbelievable — such as standing on stage to watch my favorite bands play, speaking on industry panels, and traveling to unforgettable music events across the country — are the most memorable.

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