Q&A with BangOn!NYC - The Producers Behind Elements Music & Arts Festival

January 27, 2020

BangOn!NYC throws some of the most exciting and innovative events around.

From the annual New Year’s Eve Time + Space party in New York City to the upcoming Elements Music & Arts Festival in Lakewood, PA, a BangOn!NYC event is guaranteed to be an unforgettable, multi-sensory experience blending music, art, performance, and infinite possibilities for self-expression.

Tixr is proud to partner with BangOn!NYC and help provide the best ticketing experience to match their cutting-edge events. We recently caught up with co-founder Brett Herman to chat about BangOn!NYC, the benefits they see from using Tixr’s ticketing systems, and what fans can expect ahead of this year’s highly anticipated Elements Lakewood festival, taking place Friday, May 22, 2020 - Monday, May 25, 2020. Order tickets here and check out part one of our interview below.

Q: What defines a BangOn!NYC Event?

A: Extraordinary nightlife spectacles in unusual places. The one consistent thing that we have done over the past 11 years is outdo the last event. With never-before-seen, WTF features that you can’t find at any other event.

Q: The annual New Year’s Eve Time + Space event is one of the largest scale events of the year for BangOn!NYC. How did this past year’s event go?

A: It was epic! We had a brand new laser show, a multitude of new art installations and other experiences never-before-seen. We had over 3000 attendees, and we had CNN present. They were covering us for about four hours, cutting back and forth to Anderson Cooper’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, which had 20 million viewers. It was quite a treat to see national news anchors on top of a Trojan horse.

Q: Which Tixr feature was most significant in helping BangOn!NYC plan and operate on a large-scale event?

A: The payment plans, because it allowed people to break up a purchase over a longer amount of time. We were quite surprised to see the popularity.

Q: When throwing an event that merges art, music, food, and performance, how does BangOn!NYC ensure cohesion?

A: It’s a very involved balancing act across all departments because you don’t want to let any one element over shine another. With Elements, we aim to have an entire world that you experience over the course of three days. We want you to be mesmerized in every single direction you look, even between stages and headline performances...to have constant art and activities along the path, surprise performances popping out at every time. It’s a full-time job for a big team of people to coordinate, to make it happen, and to make it seem effortless.

Q: Elements Lakewood Festival will celebrate four years this May. Without revealing too much, what can you tell us ahead of this year’s festival?

A: Elements is our crown jewel. Over 11 years, it’s been everything we’ve been building towards, and when you have people’s attention over 72 hours, it’s the best canvas you could ask for. Check back in after the lineup is released next week!