Q&A With Jaclyn Lineback, Director of Client Success at Tixr

February 25, 2020

We at Tixr are proud to provide exceptional client support from end-to-end.

Ensuring that our clients have the specific help they need to meet their goals is of utmost importance to our business as a ticketing platform. For the past four years, Jaclyn Lineback has tactfully grown and managed our client success department. Jaclyn does a phenomenal job in leading her team to help event creators optimize the Tixr platform to put on the most successful events possible. Check out our interview below.

Q: How long have you worked at Tixr?

A: I started in December 2015 as the first client success manager, and have built out the client success department over the past 4+ years

Q: How has the client success department grown under your purview?

A: In addition to growing the headcount within the department, the communication and internal processes have evolved significantly. We have utilized many different technical tools and over time have established new protocols and tools to provide the most effective client support we can. We are continuously iterating and improving our systems to provide best-in-class support for our clients and the incredible events they create.

Q: Can you describe the main functions of the client success department at Tixr?

A: We view our clients as partners. Their success is our success. We are there to support everything from on-boarding through event execution, and provide insight on whatever we can outside of that scope. In providing end-to-end support, we help clients get the most out of our platform in order to maximize their revenue and ensure the best fan experience possible.As a team, we all support all of our clients, however, each client has a dedicated client success manager. We are here to be proactive and help clients optimize all aspects of their events.

Q: How do you continuously improve your support processes?

A: It starts with streamlining our internal processes and making sure that communication flows efficiently. It’s helpful that we work closely with engineering, who deploy product updates regularly. We stay aware of and trained in all new developments on the platform. That way we always know when to implement new technology for specific client use cases.

And vice versa, we keep our engineering team informed on client feature requests and feedback, to ensure what they’re building fits our clients’ needs across a myriad of use cases. For example, nightclub venues needed an option for VIP ticket sales not visible to the public. Once we identified that desire and brought it to our engineering team, we were able to build a Private Sale solution to satisfy that need as well as many other client needs like private pre-sales and exchanges for sold out tickets.

Q: How do you foster client relationships?

A: We are in such constant communication with our clients that relationships naturally develop. We’re always eager to provide assistance and insight wherever possible. We also go to events to lend support, which can feel surreal to see an event in person after being a part of its development for so long. It’s a good feeling to see everything run smoothly on premise.

Q: What makes you passionate about what you do?

A: Facilitating a grand-scale experience, like Oregon Eclipse, and knowing that we at Tixr played such a significant role in it.It’s extremely gratifying when an event organizer tells us they couldn’t have pulled off their event and met their goals without specific features that Tixr provides. Our waitlist feature, for example, allowed Oregon Eclipse to open a lottery once passes sold out. As people joined the waitlist, they were entered into the lottery for a chance to secure one of a limited number of tickets that later became available. Fans were provided a chance to attend the event once it sold out and the event organizers were able to grow their revenue substantially.

Q: After four years of working at Tixr, what makes you excited about the future of the client success department?

A: Mostly the growth and scalability that I know is on the horizon. It’s a really exciting time at Tixr.

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