Riding High: How the One Motorcycle Show Turbocharged Growth with Tixr

November 30, 2023

Explore The One Motorcycle Show's 2023 journey with Tixr, breaking attendance records and paving the way for next year’s landmark 15th-anniversary celebration.

For 14 years, the One Motorcycle Show (One Moto) has been a magnet for bike lovers and motorheads, transforming from a hidden gem in an abandoned warehouse to a crown jewel at Portland’s historic Zidell Yards Barge Building. What’s its secret? Celebrating the rare, the strange, and the unconventional bikes—those bikes that scream individuality and keep the heartbeat of the tight-knit motorcycle community alive and pulsating.

Photo Credit: Eric Jutras @mrpixelhead
"A world's fair for the sole purpose of bringing all types of enthusiasts together over a shared love of two wheels and a motor."

The show's founder Thor Drake believes deep down that "Motorcycles are good. They are like a language for the anti-social, misfit, outcast, young, old, wild and mild, spirited folks from all over the world." To him, "The One Motorcycle Show is a celebration for those who love motorcycles. A world's fair for the sole purpose of bringing all types of enthusiasts together over a shared love of two wheels and a motor."

Today, One Moto stands as North America’s largest custom motorcycle exhibition. For those who return each year, it's not just an event; it's practically a family reunion in a massive, rustic structure with a history dating back to the '30s. Think hand-crafted hogs, mind-blowing stunts, art, music, and more—a concoction that appeals to all corners.

To elevate and modernize for its 14th year, One Moto sought a dynamic new partner in Tixr, resulting in a 29% attendance boost at the 2023 event.

Photo credit: Erik Jutras @mrpixelhead

Igniting Enthusiasm: From Makeover to Merch

Excited by the ability to fully-customize its event page, One Moto infused every touchpoint with its unique brand aesthetic, unifying the experience from its website to Tixr. Diversifying ticket options, from single-day passes to VIP access, enticed both die-hard fans and first-timers. Giveaways, prizes, workshops, and more sweetened the deal.

On top of ticket sales, the show also experimented with pre-orders for merchandise, building a merch booth right into its purchase page. Not only could fans cart One Moto gear alongside admission tickets for pickup onsite, but the show also gained crucial insights into product demand.

Digital Tactics for Growth

To enhance outreach and boost ticket sales, One Moto's marketing team crafted a comprehensive strategy across owned, earned, and paid media channels—encompassing both traditional and digital platforms.

Our self-service conversion tracking tool empowered One Moto with additional data capture to fine-tune its Meta ad campaigns. By strategically placing its Meta pixel on its Tixr event page, and activating the Conversions API, One Moto effectively allocated and optimized its budget to reach four key markets outside Portland: New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles. This approach yielded a 4x return on ad spend.

For deeper insights into marketing performance across channels and campaigns, One Moto seamlessly integrated trackable Tixr Promoter links and discount promo codes into its overarching strategy. In addition, introducing a Tixr Rewards referral program with a healthy dose of humor mobilized fans to bring friends to the event—with the enticing prospect of having Burt Furnace tattoo their backside!

Three Tixr Rewards prize packages to unlock for referring ticket sales

Riding the Data Wave

Throughout the event lifecycle, One Moto attained unprecedented audience insights, surpassing its previous capabilities. Tixr Studio's comprehensive suite of analytics, reports, and charts, coupled with over 90 data points per fan, intricately linked its marketing endeavors to purchase patterns and illuminated its highest-value customers.

"Tixr changed the game for us with reporting to better understand our show and its attendees."

Detailed cluster and penetration maps unveiled attendees hailing from 35 different states and 14 countries, showcasing a robust international presence alongside a strong local turnout. Furthermore, Promoter links seamlessly correlated 43% of sales to specific channels, campaigns, external partners, and even staff members, while discount promo codes contributed to an additional 13% of sales.

In the grand scheme, ticket sales surged by an impressive 29%, accompanied by a remarkable 70% increase in website visits,  validating the efficacy of its holistic digital marketing strategy. According to Producer Marian Janes, "Tixr changed the game for us with reporting to better understand our show and its attendees. We beat our goals across the board, and we’re really looking forward to building momentum into next year."

Photo credit: Erik Jutras @mrpixelhead

Gearing Up for the Future

With a remarkable surge in ticket sales, a substantial 70% uptick in website visits, and a burgeoning and diverse audience, One Moto is poised for an extraordinary 15th-anniversary celebration. Buoyed by the success of the current year, the show is charting an ambitious course, expanding initiatives to embrace more female riders, engaging high-school participants, and crafting family-friendly attractions for the next generation.

We celebrate the One Moto's bold exploration of our platform's potential and anticipate another record-breaking year in 2024. Tickets for the 15th-anniversary blowout are on sale now at tixr.com/1moto.

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