Shining the Spotlight on Live Events Stars Behind the Scenes

July 19, 2023

Behind every memorable event is a team of all-stars working around the clock in the background to make it all happen.

From professional sporting events to pop culture conventions, concerts, festivals, comedy shows, and more, our dedicated partners across the live entertainment space never cease to blow us away. We’re lucky to work with the best in the business, and it’s time some of our favorite folks get their moment in the sun.

Our “Stars Behind the Scenes” LinkedIn series celebrates the go-getters and unsung heroes who consistently pull rabbits from hats, make lemonade from lemons, and bring smiles to our faces on the daily. Get to know our H1 2023 honorees creating unmatched experiences for fans.

Dominique Ducille, Ticketing & Hospitality Manager at LIV Golf

From early morning onsales to late night onsites, our newest Dominique is the backbone of LIV Golf‘s ticketing and hospitality teams. Dom is a true team player, in the trenches through it all, who goes above and beyond client and fan expectations at every turn with her tireless commitment to the fan experience.

Troy Tutt, LIV Golf’s SVP of Ticketing & Hospitality, believes, “LIV Golf’s success has a lot to do with the amazing team we have behind the scenes, and Dom is a perfect example of that. She not only provides a seamless ticket operations process, but ‘wows’ our clients and fans with her service-first mindset. I can speak for many at LIV Golf when I say we are lucky to have her in the family.”

“Dom exemplifies what it is to be a true partner in this industry,” says Alessandra Cecconi, Client Success Lead at Tixr. “We laugh through wild situations, and we hunker-down and brainstorm in tricky moments. I’m so lucky to work with her everyday.”

Tixr Field Operations Specialist Jonathan Havicus agrees. “Dom’s kind, funny, brilliant, and truly a badass woman in this industry. I absolutely love working with her because she knows how to take care of her people. She’s a prime example of why we need more women at the top.”

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Monica Mercado, Administrative Manager at Gasparilla Music Foundation

Some might say Monica’s the backbone of the whole operation, or glue that holds it together at the very least. She’s a true team player with organizational skills that never cease to impress, whether she’s coordinating volunteers, managing artist hospitality, or supporting GMF Productions. Her can-do attitude, project management skills, and critical thinking abilities make her an invaluable asset for successful live events, but what really sets Monica apart is her character.

“Monica is by far the most organized person I’ve ever met. This is a fast paced, multi-faceted industry. You can bet that Monica will not leave a single stone unturned,” said Julia Stewart, Program Manger for Gasparilla Music Foundation. “Monica is truly one of the kindest people you will ever meet. She is the unequivocal cheerleader. She is ALWAYS rooting for you and will always have your back. She cares so deeply and is so loved by everyone in her orbit.”

Tixr’s Client Success Manager Remy Deutsch echoed this sentiment. “Monica is truly exceptional to work with. She brings infectious energy to even the most menial tasks, and always remains positive and is open to suggestions and new ideas. Each year I now look forward to Gasparilla’s announce because it means I get to talk to Monica. I can’t think of anyone who’s more kind, optimistic, or more of a go-getter.”

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Hillary Plybon, Director of Development at Project Live

A true Renaissance woman, Hillary’s a master of many talents who always goes the extra mile for the fans and her brands. When she’s not busy building brand strategy for The Country Fest and Neon Nights through art, merchandising, and sponsorship, she puts the fans first to deliver the best experience at every touchpoint. And she does it all with a positive attitude at every turn.

“Hillary is a strong independent thinker who isn’t scared of challenge in any element,” says Aaron Green, Partner of Project Live & Jayson Entertainment Group. “She has developed our merchandise brand to blow through our goals and exceeded 300k in sales, while maintaining/directing thousands of campers on arrival.”

Tixr Director of Partnerships Luke Cahill agrees, adding “Hillary has the incredible amount of grit, determination, and patience required to take amazing ideas and turn them into tangible results. From creative ways to package tickets and campsites to reporting deep dives, she asks thoughtful questions about every aspect of the Tixr product — questions that help both Project Live! and Tixr grow.”

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Melissa Thacker, Director of Events and Artists Partnerships at Topeka

The team at Topeka is responsible for some of the best music vacations, like Moon Crush and Brandi Carlile’s Mothership Weekend. From ticketing to artist relations, Melissa’s one of those special humans who does it all. On top of leading Topeka’s partnership with Tixr to improve their guest booking experience, you’ll find her architecting event execution strategy and serving as the main POC for all their artists.

“Melissa is both an experience dreamer and a tactical master. Her mastery of Tixr’s technology and ability to transfer that knowledge internally helps the team to grow and thrive,” said Andy Levine, CEO and Founder of Topeka. “She’s our captain who keeps us true to our brand promise when we start to lose focus. She is so talented and humble with the best attitude every day while raising two young boys with her husband. You can’t be a great organization without at least one person like Melissa. She is a true gift and people ask me all the time where I found her.”

Echoing Andy’s sentiment, Tixr’s Client Success Lead Michelle Mrkota added, “Melissa always comes ready for our meetings with great questions and is open to trying new things to create an even better fan experience. It’s a win-win-win: for Tixr, Topeka, and fans.”

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Grace Winton, Box Office & Ticketing Manager at The Caverns

Grace is a seasoned venue veteran who earned her stripes on The Caverns‘ staff since her teens. Today, she’s the backbone of its entire ticketing operation. With nearly 100 shows per year, including multi-day events across indoor and outdoor stages, Grace quite literally does it all. From building events and running onsales to managing the onsite box office, check in operations, and all ticket holder communications, her passion and dependability are two of the many attributes that make her an invaluable employee and exemplary Tixr partner.

“Grace is a team member that others can depend on from the details of the ticket builds to scanning in patrons with a smile,” says Joe Lurgio, General Manager at The Caverns. “Ticketing and the sale of tickets is the core of our business. All of our operations across the board rely on Grace to supply accurate, detailed information in a timely manner for planning events effectively, and she consistently delivers.”

Daniel Brown, Tixr Client Success Manager, describes Grace as a “total powerhouse — dependable, adaptable, and diligent in her work.” “Her passion for live events is infectious and her dedication to making them a success is truly inspiring,” Daniel adds. “Plus, she’s a genuinely great person. It’s been wonderful to work with her.”

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