Shining the Spotlight on Live Events Stars Behind the Scenes [Mid-Year 2024 Edition]

June 12, 2024

Live events don’t just happen by chance. Behind every concert, festival, convention, and sporting event lies a team of heroes who bring these magical experiences to life, keeping us on the edge of our seats and coming back for more.

In our ongoing "Stars Behind the Scenes" LinkedIn series, we celebrate the masterminds behind the magic and the people who set the bar for excellence with every event. Each individual possesses a rare combination of creativity, skill, precision, passion, and commitment, forming the heartbeat of our industry.

Now that we’re halfway through the year, meet our H1 2024 honorees — three brilliant minds with dedicated hearts whose skills and relentless commitment shape one-of-a-kind experiences for audiences everywhere.

headshot of a woman with text stating her role
“I'm particularly impressed by her open-mindedness and her exceptional knack for organizing and putting into action all the information she's given.”

Angeline Chase Priefer leads ticketing, credentials, and box office management for Park City Song Summit.

A relative newcomer to the Park City Song Summit team, Angeline’s extensive festival background has already elevated the multi-day music and wellness event’s ticketing operations in myriad ways. Stepping in to lead ticketing, credentials, and box office management for 2024, Angeline’s collaborative approach streamlines processes, engages fans, and contributes to overall outstanding customer satisfaction for the event. 

Lauren Vosecky, Senior Technical Account Manager at Tixr, describes Angeline as resourceful, imaginative, and incredibly proficient, joining a new team and learning a brand new ticketing system. “I'm particularly impressed by her open-mindedness and her exceptional knack for organizing and putting into action all the information she's given,” Lauren adds. 

Those who cross her path rarely forget her infectious smile and passion for her work. Her new boss sure didn’t! “I met Angeline years ago in passing and am so happy our paths crossed again when they did,” says Julia Rametta, Vice President at Park City Song Summit. “She is an amazing addition to our team and we are so excited to experience the 2024 event with her leading our ticketing team.”

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“Chris’ organization and attention to detail is paramount to circumventing problems.”

Chris Bolton is a versatile and dedicated Administrative Coordinator at East Coast Music Association.

A compassionate, attentive team member who's (quite literally) a jack of all trades, Chris wears many hats at ECMA. He plays a major role keeping things moving and organized, managing all data collection, research, and software implementation, while also building and managing events on the Tixr platform. 

When ECMA transitioned to Tixr, it wasn’t long before Chris mastered our feature set like a pro and took the lead on ticketing management. “He's a quick learner who's really positive about Tixr and engaged right from the start,” attests Rhea Heath, Client Success Manager at Tixr. “Soon after [training], he was setting up events independently and using our features effortlessly!”

His adaptability, willingness to grow, and diligence in his role have also continued to streamline ECMA’s operations and helped foster stronger membership relations along the way. “As Administrative Coordinator of a large-scale, multi-faceted event, Chris’ organization and attention to detail is paramount to circumventing problems,” attests Kathryn Herbert, CEO of East Coast Music Association. “He’s always understanding where teammates are coming from in difficult situations and supporting our members, especially those from underrepresented communities.”

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“Matt significantly boosted festival attendance through targeted digital advertising and strategic partnerships, enhancing the festival's visibility and reputation.”

Matt Whitlock is the marketing powerhouse and talent buyer for Northern Nights Music Festival. 

Kind-hearted, intelligent, and an all-around cool person to work with, Matt is the driving force behind Northern Nights’ marketing and booking. From before the opening act begins to after the final encore, he’s always pushing boundaries to guarantee packed crowds and fan engagement.

As the driving force behind the festival’s booking and marketing, his can-do attitude and dedication  from the early planning stages to the final moments are core to its success. He’s always pushing boundaries to drive festival awareness, employing innovative digital advertising strategies, and consistently goes above and beyond to drive high attendance and fan engagement.

Andrew Borgelt, Northern Nights Music Festival’s Co-Founder, credits “boosted festival attendance” to Matt’s targeted digital advertising and strategic partnership initiatives, which he believes “[enhanced] the festival’s visibility and reputation.” According to Borgelt, Matt even took the initiative to build “an onsite media team to give us year round content and create a stronger community around the event.”

On top of Matt’s marketing and talent buying duties, he somehow finds time to be a Tixr early adopter, geeking out with Tixr Client Success Manager Edwin Lopez on newly released features. “His use of Rewards, carousels, payment plans, and the campground seating chart has made [the fan experience on Tixr] look phenomenal,” said Edwin. Over time, Edwin’s working relationship morphed into more of a friendship with Matt who he describes as a “kind-hearted, intelligent, and cool person to work with.”

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