Studio is Here!

June 18, 2020

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Studio, a complete reimagining of our backend event management and analytics system.

Over the years we learned quite a bit about how our partners used our old backend (Backstage) and we’ve applied these learnings into a system that is easier to use, faster, more scalable, and most importantly, allows management of every aspect of events on mobile devices. Plus we have dark mode now!

“Our clients work hard to create incredible experiences for fans. Our goal was to create an incredible experience for them. Studio makes the incredibly complex task of ticketing world-class events seamless; it’s one less thing they have to worry about. It’s fast, made for mobile, and has powerful features to help grow their business.” – Robert B. Davari, Founder, and CEO

Here are the highlights of Tixr:


Event creators are always on the go; site visits, meeting with talent, attending run of shows, working the door, managing vendors and sponsors, etc. With the mobility inherent to managing events, producers need an interface and product that allows them to quickly and seamlessly do everything they need from their mobile phones. Studio is built with industry-leading technology, enabling all desktop capabilities to have full functionality on mobile devices. The switch to Studio also provides instant access to Tixr Play, enabling creators to plan and manage their virtual events with unparalleled ease.

“Studio has been life-changing for me! As the manager running ticketing for 50+ events at a time, it has streamlined the experience for me to manage everything, wherever I am, from my phone.” - Jason Van Esso, Technology & Special Events at Groot Hospitality

New User Interface

Advancing our product required major updates to the technology and the design. We completely renovated many features to optimize the mobile-experience, redefining Tixr as an easy to use, game-changing product. Improvements include:

  • Predictive search
  • Faster load times
  • Improved imagery designed for mobile
  • Easy to read cards and data
  • Scroll over functionality
  • Stats enabled on event cards
  • Redesigned filter
  • Improved forms and flows
  • Easy navigation between groups
  • Quick visual attendance highlights on records

“Tixr Studio was a 9-month labor of love. Our team of engineers and designers worked incredibly hard to develop the product, to make sure our technology exceeds client expectations. We want our creators to produce incredible events with as little friction as possible, and Studio enables them to do just that.” - Patrick Stavro, Founder, and CTO

Upgraded Reporting and Real-time Data Visualization

Data management and reporting are key to the management of any event business. We completely revamped the way we display and filter and expanded the ways you can analyze data, expanding to over 60 reports and visualizations. We also built, a new, real-time reports category designed for high load on-sales, which will help event producers reallocate inventory and understand demand live, regardless of the scale of an on-sale.

  • 60+ reports and charts
  • Dramatically improved data management and filtering
  • Live polling of sale inventory data
  • Live polling of pool and sale inventory if pools are enabled for the event

Dark Mode

Producers have unique and oftentimes unpredictable needs that occur after the doors open and events are in full swing. We understand the importance of maintaining discretion under these circumstances, which is why we designed a dark mode feature. With dark mode, producers can continue managing their events entirely from their phones without disturbing an atmosphere and lighting up an entire room.

Our on-going focus at Tixr is to provide the best mobile-first ticketing experience for fans and creators. To learn more about Studio, click here.