The ILLENIUM Trilogy Experience with Tixr

August 11, 2021

After the smashing success of last year’s KISS 2020 Goodbye concert, which culminated in the year's most successful global live stream rock concert, Tixr and our client City Drive Studios were itching to work together again.

Looking to make a big follow-up impression, both teams approached this project with the shared goal of delivering a once in a lifetime experience to a global audience.

Musician, producer, and DJ known professionally as ILLENIUM was searching for a similar opportunity, hoping to showcase over four hours of work encompassing his past three albums - Ashes, Awake, and Ascend. The resulting Trilogy Livestream was produced by an award winning team at City Drive Studios from The Las Vegas Raiders’ Allegiant Stadium, making it the first concert to ever be hosted at the venue. Capturing the event from 16 cameras shooting in 4k, fans around the world were given full coverage at every angle of the historic performance.

“Tixr was a true 360 partner for the ILLENIUM global Livestream event,” explained Patrick Bradley, CRO of Tixr. “We applied our proprietary technology, industry leading relationships including the top PPC agency in the business and our boutique music PR firm plus, using the affiliate platform Tixr Network, we attracted a coalition of some of the largest dance music promoters in the country: Prime Social Group, Disco Donnie Presents, Relentless Beats, V2 Presents who all co-marketed the event  and participated.  Pushing globally, we brought in the largest music platform in India, JioSaavn, to target ILLENIUM's 2nd largest fan DMA in the world.”

"Tixr was a true 360 partner for the ILLENIUM global Livestream event."

Tixr implemented a gamified marketing system, Rewards, and most importantly coordinated strategy and timing based on our data and analytics capabilities to maximize the impact of the event. Tixr’s Client Success team was instrumental in this process, providing hands-on guidance and insights alongside the hard work of the film production team and ILLENIUM's management team. “Tixr had a robust platform that allowed us to stream the show to a large number of worldwide users without any technical issues,” noted Mike Bedard from ILLENIUM’s team. “They supported us with everything we needed along the way. We had an incredibly short timeline to put this livestream together so Tixr's expertise was very much appreciated. It's awesome to capture a show of this magnitude and be able to share it with people around the world. I'm glad we were able to pull it off.”

In addition to heavy coordination and support, Tixr also increased the event’s revenue through merchandise sales.

“Tixr, as a company and product, is now known for helping clients build revenue streams that go beyond just selling a ticket,'' Patrick continued. “With recent global livestreams on Tixr, and Tixr's in-flow purchasing experience, merchandise tied to the virtual event can easily account for 20-30% of additional revenue, which is significant.”

Through discussions with the artists and management, including their merchandise partner Top Drawer Merch, the offering included exclusive merchandise that resonated with the fan base and was bundled, generating a significant additional impact.

From Tixr's perspective, as well as from all the talented teams involved, the ILLENIUM global Livestream was a great success on many levels. Most importantly, as a collective, we were able to bring a magical experience happening at the stadium that night to fans around the world.  

With each A-List livestream event, we are able to improve the experience for fans and for our partners. With this event setting the bar for future endeavours of this kind, the possibilities are endless. We are always on the look to partner on future ground-breaking IRL projects and premium livestream events.