TIXR and CID Presents: Taking Destination Entertainment to the Next Level

August 5, 2021

We know that staying ahead of the curve requires a synergy between data and innovation. Throughout our longstanding partnership with CID Presents, we have utilized cutting-edge techniques to build better business practices and maximize revenue.

After a long year of staying at home, the demand for live entertainment and travel are colliding on a massive scale. Luckily, we at Tixr have been long time partners with CID Presents who specializes in combining the best aspects of a much-needed vacation with the energetic good time of a music festival through their multi-day, destination concerts. CID Presents values providing the ultimate fan experience, and in order to do just that, the producers have relied on Tixr’s technology to provide granular insight into their customers’ wants and needs. Utilizing features such as payment plans, waitlists, inventory pools, real-time escrow counts, custom reporting, and more, CID has been able to optimize their fan experience, and in turn continue to grow coming out of the pandemic.

“Our data science team works closely with our flagship clients to provide information specific to the type of events in which they specialize,” noted Tixr’s Vice President of Accounts Alexander Srour. “For CID specifically, we produce custom reporting including data around package specific demand in excess of available inventory, and then relay that back to the client, so that we have a full picture of interest and engagement.”

Other Tixr features such as Waitlist and payment-plans have made CID events significantly more accessible to fans, and therefore lead to a better end product for users. One recently successful execution was CID’s Playing in the Sand with Dead & Company live concert experience in the beautiful Riviera Cancún, Mexico. Thanks to the in-depth Waitlist data the producers received via Tixr, demonstrating customer interest, they were able to successfully book and sell out a second weekend of shows this upcoming January 2022, after selling out the first weekend on presale alone this past spring.

"Starting during the sales process, and continuing through event execution, we are extremely hands-on with clients. Starting during the sales process, and continuing through event execution, we are extremely hands-on with clients,” Alexander added. “We advise, support and monitor behind the scenes.”

It is this approach, the combination of close guidance, detailed data analysis, and high touch support that continues to ensure our clients’ success. “What first sold me on using Tixr’s platform was their willingness to work with our needs,” recalled CID Partner Jonathan Fordin. “Instead of temporary workarounds, Tixr provided specific, in depth programming solutions to support the needs of our business and the experiences of our users.”

Tixr is currently partnered with CID for their upcoming experiences including Dead & Company’s Playing in the Sand, Phish: Riviera Maya, Luke Bryan’s Crash My Playa, Dave Matthew and Tim Reynolds Riviera Maya, My Morning Jacket’s One Big Holiday, and Hootiefest: The Big Splash at the Moon Palace Resort, and more!

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