Tixr in Conversation with Forbes Magazine: How to Bring Ticketing into the 21st Century

August 30, 2021

Forbes Magazine recently spoke with Tixr CEO Robert Davari about the future of ticketing and how Tixr is innovating the entertainment experience.

“The ticketing companies that were the gateway to these experiences are antiquated. Systems are crashing, secondary markets are surging. There’s a fundamental lack of optimization and efficiency,” Robert noted, explaining that mobile phones, faster internet speeds, and social media have forced the face of ticketing to change in recent years in a way many other platforms have been unable to keep up with. “We aren’t just tickets. We are a commerce engine for live entertainment as a whole,” he continued.”We sell merchandise, travel packages, and NFTs. Ticketing is the hardest thing to build, but in and around ticketing we built an ecosystem where live event producers can evolve and monetize their product. That’s the direction we’re going in.”

"We aren’t just tickets. We are a commerce engine for live entertainment as a whole."

The Forbes article illustrates Tixr’s game-changing success with a spotlight on our partnership with CID Presents, as well as the wave of ticketing-tech companies that have started up since and are looking to Tixr as a guide. “I think others are catching on, no question, and it’s going to create healthy competition,” noted Johnathan Fordin from CID Presents. However, he continued “demand is high for their [Tixr’s] product because no one is doing it or doing it right.”

Looking to the future, Forbes also highlighted Tixr’s plans to enact a reserved seating product that would open the door to the sports market as well as seated concert venues.

Read the complete Forbes Magazine article here, and read our profile on Tixr’s partnership with CID presents here for a deeper look at the practical operation of Tixr’s platform.