Tixr Named Founding Partner Of 'Super-Venue' In Arizona

January 20, 2022

Tixr is kicking off the new year with an exciting partnership announcement.

As of this month, we are the official ticketing platform for the largest, multi-purpose sports and entertainment complex in North America– Bell Bank Park in Mesa Arizona.

Legacy Sports USA and Oak View Group, who spearheaded the construction of this brand new, $280 million facility, felt Tixr’s nuanced, paperless approach to large-scale ticketing supported their vision.

“Tixr enables us to create a seamless experience for our guests whether they are attending a live sporting event or concert,” said Rodney Reese, Oak View Group’s General Manager for Bell Bank Park.

As the destination site for live events all across the country, Tixr was named Founding Partner. Now, the park boasts sponsored areas with the nameplates, “Tixr Yard” and “Tixr Gaming Center.”

"Our modern, mobile-first commerce operating system is handling: general admission sports tickets, a reserved seating amphitheater, outdoor festival grounds, timed attraction experiences and even some contactless F&B and merchandise sales,” said Patrick Bradley, Chief Revenue Officer at Tixr.

"It was clear from the start with the size, scope and complexity of the new super-venue, that it needed a flexible ticketing and commerce partner."

Bell Bank Park will host sporting events, performances, and everything in between becoming a live entertainment hub for the community. Lindsay Sterling is slated to give the venue’s inaugural live performance on February 4th. Additionally, a Jurassic World attraction will run from February 4-6th.

“We’re excited to announce Tixr as one of the Founding Partners,” said Brett Miller, President of Legacy Sports USA. “Tixr’s dynamic ticketing platform makes accessing Bell Bank Park easy.”