Tixr Powers Encore Drive-In Nights Live Entertainment

May 14, 2021

Here at Tixr, we are all about innovating the ticketing space, whether that comes through developing new technologies or evolving opportunities for artists to connect with their fans, one thing we learned over the past year is that audiences crave entertainment, and not even a pandemic can kill that desire.

Born out of the changes and trends that developed within the event space over the past year is Encore Drive-In Nights, a new client who we are thrilled to partner with. Encore Drive-In Nights combines the American past-time of drive-ins with the social distancing and safety protocols that have re-designed the event industry. In accordance with their motto “drive in rock out”, the company operates a network of 350+ drive-in and outdoor cinemas in multiple countries and has the technology footprint to simulcast A-list, one-night-only concert experiences to passionate fans.

For this season of entertainment, Tixr will be ticketing all of the outdoor venues. Through Tixr, Encore Drive-In Nights will offer fans our Pre-Sale feature with exclusive access codes and Waitlist for the events that sell out quickly as well as other unique Tixr marketing features. The client will also utilize Tixr Go for easy, on-premise ticketing management and Tixr Door for handling on-premise scanning and check-in across the entire theater venue network. As Encore Live CEO Walter Kinzie said,

"People will always seek new experiences and our model allows fans to enjoy entertainment outside of the arena setting, which will last long after we’re past the pandemic. This partnership with Tixr will enable millions of fans who generally don’t attend live shows to safely experience some of the biggest performances in the entertainment industry."

Grab your keys, pull up and get ready for serious summertime entertainment!

To check out the calendar of upcoming shows and purchase tickets, visit the lineup here and Encorenights.com.