Tixr Powers InCrowd Entertainment

August 28, 2020

When have you been able to be seen and heard by your favorite comedian or musician while sitting on your couch eating Shepards Pie?

That was the question posed, and solved, by Ryan Ginnetty, the Creative Director at InCrowd Entertainment, one of the most innovative platforms created to mitigate the challenges produced by social distancing. InCrowd is a unique, virtual entertainment venue that allows artists and fans to interact in real time. With advanced production technology and 2D and 3D LED visuals, InCrowd allows anyone, anywhere, to bring entertainment directly into their homes with the added benefit of an immersive audience experience. With InCrowd, artists and fans alike can recreate the feel of a live, in-person show without ever getting off their couch. Comics can do crowd work or respond to a heckler, and musicians can hear their fans singing and see them dancing.

When we first heard about the concept for InCrowd, we immediately knew that a partnership would be a natural fit. Not only is InCrowd’s founding mission as similarly forward-focused as Tixr’s, but Tixr Play’s flexibility in monetizing video in a multitude of ways is great for ticketing virtual events with superior quality and 100% security along the way.

“Tixr has all the tools we need to really succeed as an interactive entertainment venue, from their marketing integrations to their secured ticketing links, they not only have the ability to help blow your attendance out of the water but also be safe while doing it.” - RYAN GINNETTY, Creative Director at InCrowd Entertainment

When ticketing its events, InCrowd often utilizes Tixr Play’s Waitlist feature for its limited premium VIP seating, as well as the Rewards feature to empower fans to share and drive the unlimited GA ticket category.

While the built-in live streaming and zoom-driven VIP wall create an easy to use and convenient fan experience, the benefits of audience interaction are equally beneficial for the artists who are used to feeding off of the audience’s energy, learning which jokes hit or which songs hype a crowd. “It’s been so fulfilling to see comics perform and immediately want to do it again,” Ginnetty noted. Other musicians and comics getting in on the InCrowd are Tyler Rich, Melissa Villaseñor, Taylor Tomlinson, and Ron Funches.

Whether it’s a ticket for a one-to-mass audience live video stream, a library of on-demand video exclusives, or special event merchandise, InCrowd will continue to utilize the many features available through Tixr Play to ticket their unique events.

The merging of InCrowd Entertainment and Tixr's innovative technologies is creating a unique experience for consumers that will continue to evolve and grow.

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