Turn Your Fans into Micro-Influencers with Tixr Rewards

January 26, 2023

Grow your own marketing militia by giving back to fans for recruiting friends.

We humans are social beings, and nothing compares to sharing live experiences with friends. The data doesn’t lie. In fact, the average Tixr order in 2022 contained two tickets, which underscores that we’re more likely to recruit someone else to go out with us than fly solo.

From a live event marketer’s perspective, packing the house is the primary goal, but half of the folks in the building are simply anonymous friends along for the ride. You don’t know who they are or anything about them, which means you’ve lost a golden opportunity to build and nurture new relationships.

An engine for modern word-of-mouth

With Tixr Rewards, we’ve purpose-built an engine for modern word of mouth to solve both challenges: filling the room and knowing who’s in the room. Inside Studio, you can set up a lightweight, fully-automated referral program that packs a hefty punch and motivates your fans to sell tickets in exchange for perks.Anthony Black, Partner and Executive Producer at Eye Heart SF experienced just how powerful a built-in incentive program can be. Five weeks before their New Years Eve blowout with Alesso, Black said, “Tixr Rewards gives us the tools to motivate our ticket purchasers and early event fans to be promoters themselves. It’s a seamless integration, and it’s incredible to see our audience directly impact sales: 13% and counting!”The ability to give back to fans for recruiting friends is fundamentally changing how tickets get sold in a cost-effective way while building positive brand association for event producers at the same time. Here’s an overview of how it works:

1. Customize Incentives:

Start by designing bespoke rewards packages you know will motivate your community to help drive sales — 6 max. You’ll first assign a point value for each sale, then set thresholds for how many points a fan needs to accumulate in order to unlock each perk. For instance, you could award 100 points for each general admission ticket referred, but require 200 points to unlock 20% cash back on your ticket, 400 points to get 40% back, and 1,000 points (10 tickets sold) to get a VIP upgrade.If giving cash back isn’t your thing, use your imagination! You could offer upgrades, physical items, or something more personal. Historically, two-thirds of influencers drove sales at no cost to the promoter, and we regularly see up to forty times the return on what was paid out — a win-win for everybody!

2. Automate Redemption:

Choose whether to fulfill rewards on your end or let us handle cash back payouts as partial refunds from settlement. Automatic redemption through Tixr means zero intervention required on your part. Simply set it and forget it. You know your fans best, so we’ll leave how to motivate them up to you.

3. Hype Your Audience:

Get the word out on your marketing channels so your fans know they can sign up for Tixr Rewards and earn points towards prizes like cash back on their ticket using their own personal referral link. The public leaderboard gamifies the experience and lets fans know where they stand, amplifying the whole experience with some friendly competition.

4. Track Referrals:

View the Influencer report in Studio to get to know your most engaged, valuable fans. You’ll be able to see who’s driving sales, what prize tiers they’ve unlocked, reward amounts, any refunds issued up to that point, among other data points. As for all the additional ticket sales driven through Tixr Rewards, you’ll be able to see the associated ticket buyers on your Fans report who otherwise would have been unknown to you.

Don’t be surprised if your top influencers sell far beyond what they need to unlock the maximum reward. In just 10 days after LIV Golf Adelaide put tickets on sale, it’s 5 biggest influencers did just that — by 2.9 to 10x. We’ve even seen some really dedicated fans go so far as to run paid ads against their unique Rewards links to earn in-demand upgrades and experiences not available for purchase.

Use your imagination to create Rewards that inspire and see your fans engage with your brand in a whole new way!

Interested in running your own referral program with Tixr Rewards? Schedule a demo with our team.