UX3 v2: An Enhanced, Unified Commerce Experience

June 28, 2023

We've introduced new functionality plus 200 design micro- enhancements for streamlined, higher-converting events.

At the end of April, we unveiled the third and most-advanced evolution of the Tixr fan experience: UX3. With new navigation systems and visual layouts for effortless purchasing across hotel packages, merchandise, hospitality, food & beverage, and more, UX3 set a new bar for modern live event commerce that looks and feels nothing like traditional ticketing.

We’ve made a whole slew of enhancements since then, based on feedback from our partners, hard data, and our greater vision. At a macro-level, we’ve added in new customizations and automations to construct elegant, high-converting event pages more efficiently. We also couldn’t resist making over 200 tiny tweaks across core event page layouts to continue upleveling the fan experience.

Here’s a quick overview of our latest UX upgrades to help sell more things in more ways:

1. Smart Carousels: A hyper-efficient way to construct your event page

Back in 2019, we launched the Collections layout for event pages, allowing you to organize similar sale items like passes, merchandise, and lodging into a convenient folder-like structure. However, as offerings expanded and events continued to grow in complexity, it became evident that Collections required their own dedicated organizational system to effectively manage the intricacies.

UX3 introduced the Carousels layout for event pages to address this, initially as a means to categorize Collections into a curated menu and improve navigation for the most complex events. Expanding upon this, we’ve enhanced the Carousels layout with Smart Carousels you can configure to populate automatically by ticket tag or by ticket sale category, saving you time building events.

Pro-tip: Smart Carousels function like visual ticket pickers. With a prominent image for each individual sale item, fans can quickly scan the Carousel to see what’s available, cart items with one tap, and check out in fewer steps.

2. Price Breakdowns: Easy-to-digest prices per unit

Whether you’re selling an 8-seat VIP table with bottle service, a weekend camping pass, or a 4-person luxury hotel package, chances are your buyers will be sharing costs or attending multiple days. Help them out by doing the math. Break down the prices per day, seat, or person, alongside the total amount.

Pro-tip: Simplifying the pricing details up front could be the difference between a fan committing now or needing another nudge or two.

3. Mini-Cart: A collapsible drawer to manage cart contents

Once a purchaser adds at least one item to their cart, a persistent shopping cart icon appears next to the checkout button with the total number of items they’ve selected. Tapping it opens a collapsable drawer to easily keep track of everything in their cart while browsing your storefront.

4. Enhanced Smart Filters: Convenient sorting options on Collections

New price range and availability filtering on Collections gives fans the option to hide sold-out items or those outside their budget. The best part is these Smart Filters display automatically without any setup required on the backend.

Pro-tip: Remember, you have the flexibility to configure additional custom filters on Collections, such as hotel room occupancy, t-shirt size, dietary restrictions, and early entry, using metadata.

We’re not done yet.

Each iteration of our user experience moves us closer to becoming a multidimensional live entertainment commerce platform capable of selling virtually anything around an event. Stay tuned for additional upgrades and enhancements!

Current partners: Ready to upgrade your events? Contact your Tixr CSM to get started.

Prospective partners: Schedule a demo to learn how you can sell beyond the ticket.