5 Tips for Unleashing the Power of Tixr for Fans

December 20, 2023

Whether you're a Tixr novice, a seasoned partner, or contemplating a switch, you've likely discovered that Tixr offers a fan experience far beyond conventional ticketing. Effective communication is the key to unleashing Tixr's full potential for your buyers.

At the heart of every Tixr-powered event lies the canvas to craft a purchase experience that is not just transactional but visual, seamless, and engaging. Custom-branded layouts and unique features such as Rewards, Waitlist, and Payment Plans, serve as pillars to elevate the entire buying process. These five essential tips can help you better acquaint your fans with our diverse offerings and provide them with the tools to masterfully navigate and enhance their experience with our platform's distinctive features.

1. Give fans a heads-up

New to Tixr? Do your fans a solid and give them a heads-up before launching your first event. Kick things off by reminding them to create a new Tixr account. If you're introducing features you've never used before or offering new items like advanced merchandise sales, build excitement by showcasing new perks and benefits.

Tailor your message to match the complexity of your events or your fans' accustomed communication style. Take a cue from Sturgis Buffalo Chip, who shared a video message from their well-known founder. For intricate events or audiences needing more guidance, consider following Mercer Bears' example with a video tutorial to walk fans through the purchase process.

By investing time in educating your fans about Tixr, you'll ensure a smooth transition and keep your audience engaged. 

Pro-Tip: Amp up social media interaction by encouraging questions that can form a FAQ section on your website.

2. Use layouts to your advantage

Maximize your control over event pages by tailoring them to your unique needs. Begin by selecting a layout that aligns with your event's intricacy, and then leverage it to present essential information both visually and textually. Kick off your page design with text fields to convey crucial details, then enhance the experience with images that act as conversion magnets.

Anticipating a high-demand onsale? Utilize the Flyer view for quick cart action and fewer clicks to purchase. Keep options limited out the gate like Riot Fest did for its Holiday Presale. Selling more than tickets? The Carousel layout is a game-changer, seamlessly grouping and organizing various offerings for a more straightforward shopping experience. Take cues from Military Bowl and Lightning in a Bottle, both exemplifying artful showcases across admission tickets, parking, accommodations, and more.

Pro-tip: No matter which layout you choose, visuals should complement on-screen text rather than replace it. Although minimal text on your event page might look sleek, it provides less content for Google to crawl, which could negatively impact SEO. Additionally, visually impaired users rely on e-readers, and minimizing text puts them at a disadvantage.

3. Activate (and promote) Tixr Rewards

Live events thrive on social connections, and peer-to-peer marketing is a powerful, underutilized tactic to help drive incremental sales. Enter Tixr Rewards: a high-performance engine for modern word-of-mouth. Start by customizing incentive packages your fans can unlock with points earned from referred sales. You can invest as much as you want for maximum impact. We've seen up to 40x the return on investment.

New to Rewards? Keep it straightforward by motivating fans with cash back incentives. Payouts are effortlessly managed as partial refunds from settlements, allowing you to set it up and let it run on autopilot. If cash back isn't your preference, consider offering upgrades or exclusive merchandise as alternatives, bearing in mind your responsibility to fulfill earnings.

Activation is the first step; promotion is the second (and most crucial). Otherwise, you could have a "tree fell in the woods and no one heard it" situation on your hands. WinterWonderGrass ignited interest with a compelling Instagram post, elucidating the sign-up process, how to earn points, and each of their prize packages.

Pro-tips: 1) Start offering incentives for a minimum of two ticket sales. From experience, most participants will only sell one ticket, so you'll earn yourself a sale without shelling anything out. 2) Don't think of cash back payouts as discounts. Remember that the fan initially paid full price, and the sales they're referring are also full price!

4. Clue fans in about Waitlist and Fan Transfers

Enabling Tixr Waitlist and Fan Transfers for your next event opens the door to a host of benefits. Among the primary advantages is the ability to extend a lifeline to genuine fans in sold-out scenarios, all while combatting fraud, capturing authentic demand, and outsmarting bots and third-party resellers.

Anticipating a red-hot onsale or managing limited inventory for a specific item? Setting up Waitlist to activate once inventory is depleted is a no-brainer. Ensure fans are aware they can pre-authorize their cards with no obligations; if inventory becomes available, it's theirs, and if not, no harm done.

Meanwhile, Fan Transfers provide a seamless and secure channel for ticket exchanges without involving your staff or resorting to the secondary market. Clarify which tickets are transferrable for attendees who can no longer make it.

Honcho Campout took to Instagram to promote their Waitlist, ensuring fans knew they could request tickets to the sold-out event instead of scouring the secondary market and paying inflated prices. In the case of Pretty Lights' ultra-high demand onsale at The Caverns, a comprehensive social media PSA covered all the finer points, including access codes, Waitlist functionality, and the convenience of transferrable tickets.

5. Publicize payment plans in advance

Payment plans on Tixr stand out for their simplicity—no third-party complications, no credit checks, and zero interest for your fans. The process is straightforward: qualifying buyers activate the plan with a flat fee and a down payment, followed by automated, scheduled installments.

Offering payment plans for the first time? Transparency is paramount. Publicize your hassle-free payment plans, and if not all items qualify, be sure to clearly communicate the cart value trigger so fans fan plan ahead. This upfront information might be the catalyst someone needs to commit, providing financial flexibility without the immediate need for a full payment.

Take notes from successful implementations such as RÜFÜS DU SOL's Sundream Baja, which effectively promoted payment plan availability through Instagram Stories Highlights for an accessible reference. Riot Fest also used visually striking posts to highlight the final deadline to buy passes on payment plans, leaving a lasting impression.

Reassure fans that, whether paying in full or through installments, the process remains effortless and stress-free. This emphasis on a smooth experience not only builds trust but also encourages more fans to embrace their convenience Tixr offers.

By harnessing these features in your Tixr toolkit and taking cues from the mentioned examples, you have the power to craft seamless, transparent, and captivating experiences for your fans before they even set foot in the venue. Schedule a demo and discover the power of Tixr.